Path to admission

1.Submission of application form  (7 months before admission)

There is a special form for the school

2.Entrance test  

We are currently conducting an online interview test and reading test. We will let you know the results within a week.

3.Submit documents for studying abroad(6 months before admission)

Required documents

4.Submit an application for a Certificate of Eligibility to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau (5 months prior to the month of admission)

①Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility (2 months before admission)

②After issuing the Certificate of Eligibility, we will email you the admission documents.

③ Please transfer the tuition fee and first year payment to the designated bank account by the designated date.



④After confirming the transfer, we will send you the original documents, admission documents, and information about admission by EMS or DHL.

⑤Immigration preparation

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